Quiosk for floor and ceiling anchoring

CPU integrated
32” touch screen
Wi-Fi connection
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) 57 x 115 x 18 cm

Built-in receipts printer
Space for Pin Pad location (not included)
RFID reader (optional)
Barcodes reader


Credit card Payment, Touch Screen, 365 Days Automation

Payment of the products and services with credit card

T-Quiosk has a 32" touch screen in which the user can interact and move freely between different products and/or services.

T-Quiosk works automatically and uninterrupted since the opening of the business until it close. Works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year



The T-Quiosk 202 model has a column desing with double screen for a better space usage

With the T-Quiosk you can choose between two OS that best suits the chracteristics of your business

You can add different devices to your T-Quiosk, such as: RFID reader, barcode reader, and QR codes among other available devices


Stainless steel bars for ground and ceiling anchoring

Thanks to the stainless steel bars for ground and ceiling anchoring, T-Quiosk can be placed in any location of your business


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