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Streamlines point of sale transactions!

  • Streamlines your sales in more than 20% during peak hours.
  • While the customer is paying on CashDro, the employee can serve the order.
  • The cash closing is immediate, without losing time in shift changes.
  • The cash closing is always balanced.
  • There is no cash losses.

Increase your productivity with the unattended ordering and payment Kiosk

  • Reduce queues and waiting hours.
  • Generates more sales turnover and better staff distribution at peak times.
  • T-Quiosk works uninterruptedly from opening until closing.
  • Increase your business average selling prices.
  • T-Quiosk intelligently suggests new items to complete customer orders.

Increase your sales with the Powerful Point of Sale

  • Define and personalize your combos and daily menus.
  • Add supplements with special products or modifiers and convert the products into combos.
  • Increase the average sale by suggesting additional products based on the costumer’s decision.

Create, Edit and Manage Your Digital Menu Content

  • Improve communication with your customer
  • Content is schedule-able
  • Cloud based remote maintenance
  • Fully customisable

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